RömerWelt am Caput Limitis (Rheinbrohl)

Not far from the Limes, UNESCO world heritage site since 2005, Roman history comes alive at the RömerWelt, a place where visitors can experience first-hand how Roman soldiers used to live and work.

Touching and trying out is allowed even encouraged! So, for example, it is possible to put on a chain mail or – for our female visitors – to dress like a Roman lady. In short, you will be able to literally grasp history.

What was daily life like 2000 years ago? How did the Romans barter with the German tribes?
All this and much more is presented in an enthralling and vivid manner, attractive and comprehensible for young and adult visitors alike. Multi-media points, displays and descriptions but also expert information in the scope of a guided tour provides ample information about the Limes, its origin and development as well as the traces and the historical heritage the Romans left behind.

The outdoor area bordering on the premium long distance hiking route the Rheinsteig, the Westerwaldsteig and the Limes Hiking Route offers a wonderful view of the lovely landscape. In combination with the contubernium, the herb garden and the bake house featuring reconstructed Roman baking ovens, the area provides an enticing complement to the exhibition.

According to our motto “Experience history with all senses”, you will find here as well many opportunities to indulge in Roman history and experience Roman life “hands-on”.

Further evidence of this sensory experience concept is obvious on baking days as a wonderful aroma wafts through the air and makes visitors head for the bake house to sample the scrumptious Roman bread freshly baked in accordance with original recipes. You should try it with moretum – simply delicious!

A wide range of workshops and events invites our little and adult visitors to test their skills, develop new ones or even gain a military certificate.

Without doubt, the highlight for our youngest visitors is the playground. Here they can play and climb and what seems to be the most fun, act out all the things they have just learned, while their parents have time to peacefully enjoy a coffee and our delicious Limes cake.

Each year the Caput Limitis Foundation, the operator of the RömerWelt, endeavours to offer something new to our visitors. For 2013, several additions have been made to the exhibition. Above all though, we are delighted to present our new event room, an attractive and spacious venue that enables us to offer lectures and events in an appropriate environment. The room will also be used for training events, e.g. the regularly offered teacher training courses as well as conferences, seminars and corporate hospitality.

The RömerWelt, situated at the foothills of the Westerwald, offers something for everyone and every age, from hikers, who love to stop by and enjoy a piece of Limes cake, to school classes, clubs and groups of all ages.

During our guided tours and workshops our visitors can learn a lot about life at the Limes virtually immersing themselves in the Roman world of about 2000 years ago. The topics of our workshops range from Roman food and auxiliary training (Roman military) to jewelry, clothes and school in the Roman Empire.

Our varied program including theme days, baking days, theater plays as well as the Roman Weekend with its large encampment offers an array of events for all tastes.