Roman Heritage and the Border Country (Hadrian's Wall)

What did the Romans ever do for us?

Well, here in Hadrian’s Wall Country, quite a lot actually. The legacy of Rome is everywhere. Some of the best preserved monuments anywhere in the Empire and a suite of fascinating museum galleries bring the story of the Frontier and of the Empire to life. To understand the Frontier is to understand the Empire itself – its strengths and weaknesses, ambition and power, its people and its way of life.

One of the great beauties of Hadrian’s Wall is that you can dip in and out its story as it suits your timetable, combining visits to the forts and the Wall itself with visits to museum galleries that illustrate the bigger picture and show off the amazing finds. Or you can traverse the whole thing, visiting various sites as you go to gain an even greater experience of Roman life on the furthest frontier of their incredible Empire.

The variety of the World Heritage Site is astounding! From the stunning reconstructed Roman buildings, family-friendly museums and dramatic cityscape of Newcastle, to the classic wild landscapes and iconic Wall settings around Housesteads and Vindolanda; from the inspiring modern museums of Carlisle, to the glorious seascapes and wildlife of the Cumbrian coast.

The Romans did so much for us, and you can see, hear and touch it all at Hadrian’s Wall. What are you waiting for?