Dunazeki Fortlet (Dunazeki)

The remnants of the Late-Roman Fortlet Exhibition, which is one of the most intact Roman era ruins of ancient Pannonia, were unearthed during the construction works of a private property at the Horány river crossing point in Dunakeszi, Hungary in 2002. The archaeological excavation was done by the experts of the Hungarian National Museum who found the southern wing of the fortlet including a 28 meters long wall and 5*5 meters size corner tower.

The fortlet, which was declared as a monument in 2004, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage nomination of the Pannonian Limes (Ripa).

The fortlet has a permanent exhibition in co-operation with the Hungarian National Museum. The exhibition introduces the life of the inhabitants of the fortlet, the contemporary history of the Empire, Pannonia and the barbarians and the ancient Roman river and sea navy.