Domplein (Utrecht)

Treasury Room Domplein Utrecht tells the story of the birthplace of Utrecht: the Domplein (Dom square). In 47 AD the Romans build a castellum (fortress) on the river bank of the Rhine. Close by were the castella of Hoge Woerd en Vechten. The first castella on the Domplein were from wood. In 250 AD the first castellum in stone was build. After the Romans left the northern regions of Europe, the abandoned fortress were used by missionary Willibrord. He build a small church and spread Christianity in the Low Countries. Together with the expanding and bustling river trade in the early Middle Ages, Utrecht became the economic and religious centre of the Dutch provinces of the Holy Roman Empire. The most striking example of this, the Gothic St. Martins Cathedral, still stands – without it’s nave however, which has been destroyed by a tornado in 1674 and gives the square it’s unique outline. The Domplein developed afterwards into a center of education and science with the University Hall as it’s main feature. The Domplein is now a place where culture, history and activities meet. Treasury Room Domplein brings these stories to live.