Archeon Theme Park (Alphen aan den Rijn)

As early as Julius Ceasar’s Gallic War, the Romans entered the Netherlands. It’s not until decades later, though, that troops of soldiers settle here. At the border of the Old Rhine River the Roman Castellum Fort Albaniana was settled. In the center of the City of Alphen aan den Rijn, about 2 miles form Archeon.

In Archeon you see a Roman City with a bathhouse (Thermae Heerlen),with the palaestra, the latrinea, frigidarium, the sudatorium and the caldarium. The Romans build their bathhouses with floor and wall heating the praefurium. The Inn (Hospitium) Nijmegen with a dining room (Triclinium) is meant for the cena, with thee couches forming a triclinium.

The Forum is the market square. It’s where everyone gathers. The speakers’ platform Rostrum is an essential part of the Forum. The calendar -Fasti-, the Jupiter Column, the well -Puteus- are situated in the front of the Domus (town house) Voorburg(2nd century).

The temple(2nd century) is dedicated to Nehalennia and reconstructed from excavation finds in Cuijk. The wall and gate -Moenia et Porta- is a reconstruction of the castella of Albaninae and Praetorium Agrippiniae. The Arena offers the audience, 1800 people, the daily performance of the gladiators.

Roman museum
The Roman museum in Archeon is housed in a reconstruction of a Gallo – Roman farmhouse (280 AC). A variety of collections is on display. It’s exibits more than 600 archeological findings from the province of South Holland from all periods, distant prehistory to early modern. The significance off all the items is explained by a special presentation. For example an entire grave from the Bronze Age has been reconstructed, accompanied by the telling of a sensational story. Films, touch-screens, hands on activities.