Biking routes

The famous Danube Cycle Way, one of the most popular sections included in the Euro Velo route 6,  leads from Passau in Bavaria/Germany over 350 km to Bratislava and Hungary alternatively on the left and/or right side of the river bank. It is a romantic and yet versatile cycle way including loop routes ranging from family routes to mountain bike routes. The main route touches numerous first-rate attractions which are well described in print- and online media. The Website presents a tour planner, links to important infrastructure, accomodation and tour packages.

Hadrian's Cycleway
Hadrian’s Cycleway is National Route 72, part of the National Cycle Network maintained by Sustrans, the charity that supports travelling by foot, bike or public transport. Linking the North and Irish Seas, Hadrian’s Cycleway is signposted along its entire 174 miles, following along the Roman frontier and the Cumbrian coastline. and search for Hadrian’s Cycleway